Bethany Shriever’s Olympic Gold!


All of us at SWRT would like to congratulate Bethany Shriever on her incredible achievement winning Gold at the Tokyo Olympics in the women’s BMX racing final early this morning

After the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games, Beth learnt that only male riders would be financially backed heading into Tokyo 2020, we were then contacted by her in 2019 whilst she was crowdfunding and trying to raise £50,000 in a bid to compete at the Olympics. Being local and working in the town we couldn’t wait to contribute to her efforts to compete at the games and looking at inspiring and coaching the younger generation to get into the sport and succeed.

Beth, we know how much you and your parents have sacrificed to get to the Olympics and hope that our small contribution helped at the time.

Without donations and support at all of our events we wouldn’t of been able to help Beth and other local causes we have given too over the years. Since 2018 we have helped over 50 individual requests as well as supporting others. If you would like to donate please head to or if you wish to ask for funding