Round Table Help Secure the Parish Rooms

St Mary’s Church Parish rooms show the Round Table the new access system that they have been able to have installed following a recent donation from the Round Table. St Mary’s Church team say ‘we are exceptionally grateful for the generous donation from the round table.  As a result of this we have been able to install this new electronic access system to the parish rooms’

‘The new electronic access system offers added security to the parish rooms. When our staff are in the offices they are now much safer as they can see through the video link who is at the door. The new system also ensures the safety of children during the many play groups and clubs that use the facilities.’

Stephen Woodard chairman of the Saffron Walden Round Table says ‘its great to be invited by the parish council to see the new access system that our recent donation has helped to fund!’

The Round Table have organised the upcoming fireworks display on Saturday 5th November. All your generous donations at this event will be used to help put money towards great causes such as this. If you would like to request funds then please get in touch through our website or