8DayWeekend 2017

Well done and thank you to everyone who participated and helped celebrate the 2017 Saffron Walden Round Table Carnival. Your input made it magnificent and we are extremely grateful!

The chemistry of positivity, community spirit and teamwork was a formula for success and this year’s “8dayweekend” was brilliant in many ways – it was also a record-breaker in terms of funds raised with over £80,000 of profit generated!

This fantastic achievement would not be possible without the “can do” attitude from the kind volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the event safe and successful. A special thank you to our Carnival Partners whose enthusiasm, support and generous contributions underpinned the whole event, allowing the Carnival team to source a marquee, book a range of incredible acts and create a memorable event for adults and children within the local area.

Carnival’s profits will be put to good use by supporting worthy causes and local projects to improve the lives and welfare within our community. £80,000 will have a massive impact to so many people now and in the future so everyone involved should feel proud of this fine achievement. We have already received a number for donation requests but want more so please encourage people to submit requests via the donation page of the Saffron Walden Round Table website (swrt.org/donation).

Saffron Walden has yet again supported a big idea, demonstrated the power of teamwork and thrown a colossal party. With awesome performances, excellent guests and 73 kegs of Carlsberg beer sold, the 2017 Carnival is being dubbed as “probably the best Carnival in the world”!

Guy Shackleton

2017 Carnival Chairman and Leadership Coach at www.positivedevelopment.co.uk